1. Whole bean coffee: Planted and harvested and processed with strictly GlobalGAP-certified practices, in order to best serve coffee-shop owners and coffee drinkers, who are interested in high-quality coffee.

2. Vietnamese Oolong tea: Qualified for exporting to markets in Europe and Japan.

3. AnMiên coffee shops: With the slogan of "AnMiên - make yourself at home", AnMiên coffee shops are the places for customers who long for balanced, healthy and charming drinks, among which, many are made from harvests from AnMiên's own farms.

4. Ghế Đẩu coffee shops: A more street-life style, with open and rustic space, we create a menu of comforting home-made drinks and snacks.

5. Ghế Đẩu coffee shop franchising: Open to those who wish to operate a street-style coffee shop.

6. Catering service: We consult then organize an on-site drink station at your events, where our professional and passionate team will serve your guests with AnMiên's signature drinks (and optional snacks or finger foods).

7. Venue booking: Uniquely decorated and spacious AnMiên coffee shops can be the ideal venue for your own events.

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